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Thursday, January 1, 2015

AUSMAT Christmas Gathering

It felt like forever since all of us from AUSMAT gathered together. Last weekend felt so complete with them and it reminded me again of just how grateful I am to have them throughout my Pre-U life. 

Had turkey for dinner, played some games and chat the night away. Couldn't have been better! 

All of us with our gifts from the gift exchange.

With the ladies.

Before we left I got Ken Xi to help me take a picture. ONE picture and the outcome was horrendous that I didn't even bother to ask for a second one.

I wasn't even ready! what the banana is this.

Then I said its okay, just take a picture for me and Sarah..

Take 1: I'm ready, she's not ready.

Take 2: She's ready, I'm not ready.

.. and after what seemed to be like a million shots, I finally found one that we are both ready! 

Conclusion: Never ask Ken Xi to help take any pictures anymore.

Finally, meet Sarah. A very good friend of mine that I had a privilege to get to know in pre-uni and still remain so close after 3 years even though our personality and character is totally different. I don't know how we manage but, I love her to bits!

Sarah and Ken Xi

Got home and decided to stalk the 2011 me thanks to Facebook and laughed so hard when I reminisce on certain precious moments.

Okay, this was way way back to 2009 when I first met Sher Mun through a mutual friend at his school carnival. Friend told him I was Su Fan and 15 year old so I played along and had to endure 1 hour of him lecturing me to study hard for PMR. 

After almost 2 years of not crossing paths, I met him in AUSMAT and was so puzzled why this person kept calling out to me "HI SUFAN" and the rest was history.

Another incident that made my stomach cramp from laughing was when me and Ken Xi were so denial we thought we had a shot in Sunway's badminton game. After almost 1 month of consistent practicing, we lasted 1 round though. Still proud! hahaha

At least give us credit for team spirit okay? We even shamelessly made our friends hold our names and cheer for us like a pro.

That's enough for now. It's starting to get too embarrassing.

Goodnight ! 
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

oh haiiii!


I honestly don't know what exactly brought me back to this dead blog that I once was so committed to and I also can't remember the reason why this friendship between me and my blog fell out; but it sure was interesting reading through all my post one by one (and saving them in drafts cause some were really too personal and childish!). 

Long story cut short, I have realized that in the two years that I stopped blogging, there were so many  life events that happened which I should have pen it down but didn't and now memories of them have turned so vague. I can't even remember what I ate for lunch last weekend and I'm not sure how I should feel about this. 


Which made me make a little promise to myself to try and be more consistent with posting here so I don't forget things so easily like right now and sulk like a baby over it (actually this promise was made since June this year but nothing was done until now so this miracle deserves some champagne popping, no?? .... okay)

Uncomfortably Awkward

Anyways, stay tune 'cause I'll be backkkkkkk! 
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sentuhan Kasih Ramadan

Some day about a month ago, I had an awesome offer that gave me the opportunity to visit an orang asli settlement for the first time in my 19 years of life named 'Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kala" located at Jalan Gombak. Okay, I know, I sound very excited already! Anyways, the population at Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kala consist of about 3,500 villagers from 550 families and 90% of villagers living there are underprivileged and only bare monthly incomes of about RM700 per month. What is most interesting is that a small population of the villagers still practice indigenous subsistence activities like farming and hunting.

So, in conjunction with the Ramadan month, PETRONAS has reached out to 550 families living at Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kala, Gombak, Selangor by organizing the Sentuhan Kasih Ramadan programme.

This was us girls (from Advertlets)  upon arriving the Kampung Orang Asli Bukit Kala , Gombak. We were all so sleepy due to waking up too early but nevertheless, we were EXCITED for what awaits! 

Firstly, to start of our day healthily, we were greeted with great emcees and friendly villagers. Had our breakfast and did some warm ups to get our day kicking for some awesome session of 'gotong royong' with the 70 PETRONAS employees, 30 PETRONAS Facebook Fans, the Advertlets team and the friendly villagers to clean and refurbish common areas and facilities in the village. It was a great moment of team work when we all joined hands to clean up the surau area, community hall (which is also now equipped with new furniture's contributed by PETRONAS ), river banks, main roads and even the pathways leading to the villagers homes. PETRONAS also took the initiative to repair a number of bridges in the village as well.

Us girls again showing off our housewife skills posing with ..brooms. (Don't ask me why my leg is so "senget" . It just happened!) 

Rosalyn (middle) looked so serious holding the dustban

Audrey with her broom trying to imitate my expression

There you have it, me. I was really cleaning just so you know. I just had to pose for the camera *peace*

After cleaning up the common area that we were assigned to clean, it was time for a good rest and of course to fool around!

While we were resting, the children at the village was on the other side busy having fun! There were lots of fun and interactive educational activities that was conducted by the outreach unit of PETROSAINS, Galeri PETRONAS and the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS. All the children were so ecstatic as the were given a chance from PETRONAS to really explore and learn new things. 

While the children were being entertained with great educational activities, the other part of the villagers were  taking the opportunity to showcase to us their unique traditional arts, cooking methods and herbal medicines for our benefit.

It was really fascinating to watch how they slowly turned these leaves into beautiful baskets. Me, Audrey and Amanda was so caught up with trying to make a basket of our own we just forgotten about time!

The volunteers and the villagers were busy preparing lunch for the entire village and visitors. The food all smelt so authentic and delicious! The ingredients of the feast were contributed by the Badan Kebajikan Islam PETRONAS and the Young Professionals Club of PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd.

Nearing the end of the day, PETRONAS also contributed food hampers that was presented by Senior General Manager of Group Corporate Affairs Division, Dato Mohammad Medan Abdullah to about 200 families living in the village who were underprivileged. About 150 villagers also won lucky draw prizes (bicycles, admission passes to PETROSAINS, PETRONAS gift cards)  sponsored by PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad and the Young Professional Club of PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd.

Sentuhan Kasih Progamme is an initiative and tradition from PETRONAS that is held annually to enhance the spirit of giving and volunteerism among its employees and this progamme is held annually to reach out to the less privileged members of different communities during festive seasons throughout the year.This programme was launched in year 2005 and was supposed to provide the employees in PETRONAS a platform to interact and engage with the community by contributing their time, skills and experience. 

From left : Me, Audrey and Amanda . After a tiring day but we were non the less glad that we attended this as we left with great achievements after cleaning up the village and learning new traditions!

Thank you PETRONAS and Advertlets !

(Enjoy the video, it shows our entire journey at the Sentuhan Kasih Ramadan! )

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Pool , KL

Why make Fridays and Saturdays your only days to party and chill out when every night (except Mondays and Tuesdays) offers you a new excuse to party at The Pool, KL?! At The Pool , you can choose to party on Gentlemans nights (Wednesday),Ladies nights (Thursday) , TGIF nights (Friday), Champagne Showers (Saturdays) or even Sundays Pool Party. You'll be sure to turn your Sundays around from frowns to big wide smiles forgetting about those Monday blues!

 The Pool was created by non other than the same owners of The Hills at Damansara Heights and The Pool is now a new addition to Kuala Lumpur's nightlife!

Besides that, if you are a great fan of cocktails as I am, then I'm pretty sure you'll love these thirst quenchers that The Pool offers.

These are just some of the cocktails that are found at The Pool, they offer a whole lot more!

Entrance to The Pool.

Runway right in the middle of the pool!

don't you agree this place looks like a perfect place to just chill out and enjoy the cold breeze? Of course it's a good place to get dunked into the pool as well!

DJ area. Look at the lights , pretty isn't it?!

This is a sightly more quiet part of The Pool , KL where it's less noisy and more privacy!

Below 2 pictures are taken at the upstairs of The Pool where they serve food because The Pool opens at 5pm-3am (every Wednesdays-Saturdays) and 4pm -3am (every Sundays). So for those who likes to have some food before a good drinking session, The Pool also is a place to go! 
Add caption

The Pool is open every Wednesdays to Sundays and with an entry fees of only RM35 for men and FREE for ladies (applicable for all nights) you get to enjoy your entire evening filled with great people, even greater atmosphere, nice and huge pool and ultra VIP service! If dancing was what you went for, then you would certainly not be let down as you get to dance your night away along with the latest and hippiest musics (Mainstream, House, Hip-Hop, RNB) in the music industry. So what are you waiting for? Hurry to The Pool , KL or visit their facebook page at for more information.

OH, by the way remember to bring extra clothes just for incase you guys have so much fun that you end up being in the pool! ENJOY! 

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


I got to start thinking of a better way to start my post besides saying sorry for not updating every time! and here I am again saying, I'm sorry that I have not been updating ! I actually have a pretty valid reason this time. My finals hogged away literally all the time and freedom I had for the past few weeks and now that my finals are done with , I've been so caught up with working! See , not so lazy after all right?

So I've decided to do a quick update about what has been going on throughout the months (which includes a lot of pictures of me. Just to warn you) , since I haven't really updated about what I've been doing :

1. Hotlink's More Bagus TVC

Look at the amount of plastic bags! 
I died when I saw the amount of shoes as my props! Wish I actually had so many :( 
Louise who almost died when I arrived late due to the horrifying jam. 
Director of the day. Humorous guy! 
It was an enjoyable shoot overall considering my role wasn't very hard to play since I was supposed to be this silly and "jakun" shopaholic ! Great experience and awesome people that I got to work with !

2.Hong Leong TVC

Night shoot at Putrajaya

First time doing a night shoot and it was fun! Had a 'boyfriend' which I was supposed to be angry at while getting in the car and got myself hurt twice that night! Talk about being accident prone, I'm number one!

3. Emceed for Bolly for Charity

It was my first time emceeing and didn't think I did a great job but however it was an awesome experience working and gaining new friends ! Ultimately miss working with Kim May and the ferari we each had! 

4. Bridal Shoot with "223 GO!"


5. Visit to the orang asli settlement at Jalan Gombak with Advertlets.

With the two pretty ladies. Audrey and Amanda
will blog about this in detail very soon!

6. Audrey's Birthday!

Audrey's birthday bash at M Vintage , Sunway Giza ! 

That's all for now and stay tune for upcoming updates! Goodnight xx
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